Our Sailing Adventures

Welcome Aboard

Update: We have recently purchased Ambrosia, a Watkins 29 docked in Oriental NC. Our beloved Afternoon Delight has a new home and an enthusiastic new owner in western NC. We are in the process of updating the website. Our adventure continues.
Documenting our weekend and summertime adventures on our boat Afternoon Delight. Exploring our little part of the earth. From sailing the Outer Banks of North Carolina to our favorite mountain getaway Lake Jocassee. Sailing isn't just for the wealthy and can be done on a budget. Throwing caution to the wind and just doing it.
We are novice sailors but avid boaters, so when I stumbled across an internet add for this beautiful little RL24 I couldn't resist. The price was right so we brought her home. Spent our afternoons figuring out how to raise the mast and what all those different ropes were for? The following weekend we had her on the lake. Motored out a few hundred yards, cut the engine, raised the sails and "she took off!" We have been hooked every since.
Only real expense with Afternoon Delight is the fuel for towing to the water.
Learning to sail isn't difficult. We have found it quite easy and very enjoyable. However learning the sailing lingo may take some time.
   Trip to Shackleford Banks and Carrot Island
              Feeding the fish, Lake Jocassee

                                Our first screw up. What a beached boat looks like

On our first trip to the Outer Banks we spotted this beautiful beach on a barrier island. Just had to stop, get out and explore. Tide was going out and the waves kept coming in. So there we were, stuck! I waded out both anchors, set them on the sandy bottom and attached them to the winches, only to have them pull lose every time I tried to tighten. Waded back out with some drift wood, spiked it to the bottom and set the anchors around the drift wood spikes. I would tighten the winches about every 20 minuites usually to have one of the anchors pull lose. Then I would wade back out and reset it again. About 13 hours later at high tide, she pulled lose and off we went into the dark. Lesson learned the hard way.
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